Pudendal Neuralgia Boca Raton & Deerfield Beach, FL

Pudendal Neuralgia

What is Pudendal Neuralgia?

Pudendal neuralgia is a type of pelvic dysfunction that originates from damage, irritation or entrapment of the pudendal nerve as it courses through the pelvis.

The symptoms can be very uncomfortable, but you can find relief through physical therapy.

Signs and Symptoms:

You usually feel pudendal neuralgia symptoms in your lower body, genitals, or perineum (the area between your genitals and anus). These may include:

  • Difficulty using the bathroom
  • A sharp or burning pain
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Problems being intimate (For men, problems getting an erection or ejaculation.)
  • Difficulty sitting down

You may have symptoms on one or both sides of your body, and they might go into your belly, buttocks, or legs.

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